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Professional St Louis County Locksmith services

St Louis County Locksmith services can fix and fit all types of locks, from mortise locks (Chubb locks), cylinder rim locks, lever handle locks, and knob locks, to wall mounted locks, furniture locks, key in knob (KIK) cylinders, uPVC mechanisms, multipoints, window and patio locks and more. Problems with a faulty safe or lock, cash box or cabinet? We are at your service in St Louis County. Locked out? We’ll let you in.

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The Services our Locksmiths in St Louis County cover:


Lock Repairs

Faulty lock? No worries, we can repair all kinds of lock on different types of door. When possible, we also aim at repairing the lock instead of replacing it to minimize potential damage to your door. St Louis County Locksmith services can repair locks on both homes and commercial properties, including garage door locks and shutter locks.

New Locks

Are you looking for additional security in your property? Do you need a new lock? St Louis County Locksmith services are experts in fitting all types of locks to different doors, windows, and openings. While most of our customers need cylinder rim locks, uPVC mechanism locks or mortise locks, we are also experts in fitting special locks, including shed padlocks, gates, garages and even cabinet and wardrobe locks.

Locked Out

If you are locked out of your house, don’t wait outside in the wind or rain. Just give us a call and we’ll send you promptly one of our always available locksmiths in St Louis County. It won’t take long and you’ll be in the comfy of your home. Call us now!
Custom Locks.

While most of our customers’ needs are covered with popular lock types, including mortice locks, cylinder rim locks, uPVC mechanism locks and multipoints, there are many custom cases where only master locksmiths can handle the situation. Our expert locksmiths are experienced in customizing a whole spectrum of different locks, including locks on patios, windows, garages, cabinets, gates or cash boxes.

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